Submission Guidelines

Conservation is currently on a publishing hiatus as we prepare to launch a new publication. However, we continue to consider in-depth feature stories that accomplish one or more of the following:

  • introduce readers to novel and innovative solutions to longstanding environmental problems
  • offer a counterintuitive twist on a familiar story or topic
  • explore an interesting dilemma

Our feature stories are longer narratives about the people and projects that are pushing the boundaries of environmental conservation. Successful pieces employ strong storytelling and often link conservation with engineering, business, or design.  They connect the science with people’s everyday experience. Themes should reflect bold, original, and sometimes unconventional concepts—the people and ideas central to the story may not necessarily fall in line with traditional environmentalist thinking. “I’ve never thought about it that way before,” is a desired response. (2,500—3,000 words)

Submitting an Idea or Article

Before you do anything, please look through our archives to get a flavor for the types of stories we publish.

Please compose a focused proposal. The proposal can stand alone, or accompany a manuscript or outline. Lay out what is new, counterintuitive, or innovative about the topic.

Since our lead time to publication may be several months, articles should not be so time-bound that they will become quickly dated.

Submit Proposal to:

Lindsey Doermann
[email protected]