Classroom Resources: Oceans

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The Oiliest Catch
Menhaden are modest little fish so rich in oil that they’re sometimes called the soybean of the sea. But scooping them up to fuel the omega-3 fish oil craze could pull the rug out from under the entire Atlantic coastal food chain.

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southern Louisiana floods

Making Land
Southern Louisiana is one of the world’s fastest disappearing landmasses. Cutting the losses may mean letting in the floods.

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Sea Sick
A gang of drug-resistant infections, presumably on the run from hospitals and landfills, is cropping up in marine mammals, weaving a web of disease that extends deep into the ocean.

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Garbage in, Garbage Out 
When a single swath of ocean contains more plastic than plankton, the simple act of taking out the trash becomes a grueling scientific challenge.

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Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
If, as researchers are predicting, carbon dioxide increases will lock in rising seas for a thousand years, then it’s time to consider some radical proposals that run headlong into conventional environmental wisdom.

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Taming the Blue Frontier
Ten thousand years ago, humans made the shift on land from hunting and gathering to farming. Now the same transformation is taking place at sea. This time, can we get it right?

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Impostor Fish
Misnaming seafood isn’t just a ripoff. It’s a global phenomenon that’s wreaking havoc on ocean conservation.

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10 Solutions to Save the Ocean
We asked a select group of innovative thinkers to go out on a limb.

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