Classroom Resources: Arresting Evidence

By Natasha Loder
July-September 2007 / Vol. 8 No. 3

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Discussion Questions

  1. Under current conditions, what do you predict would be the implications for elephant populations of a complete removal of the ban on the ivory trade?
  2. Do you think legal harvesting of elephant ivory should be allowed in areas where elephant over-population is a problem? Is translocating elephant populations a potential alternate solution for mitigating human/elephant conflicts?
  3. What actions or policies might act to decrease the demand for elephant ivory in places where the illegal trade is currently booming?

Websites for Further Information

Elephant Conservation in the News

Peer-reviewed Literature

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  • Clarke, S.C., J.E. Magnussen, D.L. Abercrombie, M.K. McAllister, and M.S. Shivji. 2006. Identification of shark species composition and proportion in the Hong Kong shark fin market based on molecular genetics and trade records. Conservation Biology 20: 201-211.

Key Concepts

  • Endangered species
  • Forensic conservation
  • Trade bans
  • Conservation payments