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Good stories get people talking. And a strong, independent media source can change the tone of the conversation (from negative to inspiring), raise the quality of the dialogue (from spur-of-the-moment judgments to thoughtful), and draw more people into the exchange. That’s what the Conservation Media Project is all about. Our intent is not to be Panglossian (ours is far from the best of all possible worlds), but we recognize that faced with too much bad news, people tune out. So we’re challenging the “doom-and-gloom” paradigm in conservation journalism with a careful examination of success stories—from nature-inspired engineering to links between human health and biodiversity. Our platforms range from print and digital versions of the award-winning Conservation Magazine to live events, videos, blogs, social media and classroom resources. And our audience includes not only traditional environmentalists, but also a new and growing group of influential professionals (engineers, architects, business leaders, and policy makers) interested in creating a greener future.


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