What Is a Smart Building?

David Allen, executive vice president of the engineering, construction and energy services firm, McKinstry, designs super-efficient buildings that “know” when to consume, shift, store—and even generate their own energy.

David has 35 years of experience in the design, construction, and facility management industry. As the executive vice president of McKinstry, he is responsible for the firm’s brand development, managing the company’s strategic positioning, and overseeing its business development, community relations, and client service activities. He is widely respected for helping create McKinstry’s positioning strategy, a strategy that has resulted in the firm’s national reputation as a leader in integrated facility services delivery and engineered solutions in the clean technology sector.

David serves on the boards of several industry associations, trade groups, community organizations and business alliances, and currently serves on the executive committees of Enterprise Seattle and the Washington Clean Technology Alliance, of which he is a former board chair. He is also a Seattle Chamber of Commerce board member and former chair of the Construction and Green Design/Building Skills panel for the Workforce Development Council of King County.

David earned his Bachelor of Arts in Accounting from the University of Washington.