Saving Daylight

Joel Loveland, director of the Integrated Design Lab at the University of Washington, designs healthy, energy efficient buildings that dramatically reduce artificial lighting and blur the boundary between inside and out.

Joel Loveland is a Professor and the Director of the Integrated Design Lab in the School of Architecture, College of Built Environments at the University of Washington. The Lab’s design research on building projects in the area of energy efficiency and daylighting have had a substantial role in projects that won national and regional awards.

Joel has delivered daylighting consulting on over 150 projects per year across the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana, and the province of British Columbia. Professor Loveland continues to travel widely, consulting on projects throughout the lab’s territory as well as lecturing and teaching nation-wide. In this effort, he is revisiting major cities in the region to report on the lab’s recent daylighting work and looking for the best way to expand and support the “Daylighting Network” of professionals throughout the Pacific Northwest. His teaching includes graduate design studios, seminars in sustainable design and the integration of building and landscape systems for radically high levels of energy and daylighting performance.