Nature-Inspired Design

Sherry Ritter, research and education specialist with the Biomimicry 3.8 Institute, teams biologists with engineers, architects, designers, chemists, and others to design super-efficient, ecofriendly technology based on nature’s time-tested strategies.

Sherry is a wildlife ecologist and author who has spent much of her career working toward long-term sustainability of wildlife habitats and populations. She sees biomimicry as a way to develop positive solutions to today’s most challenging human challenges.

Sherry began working with the Biomimicry Group in 2004 when she started compiling a quickly growing database of biomimetic case studies. In 2007, she became a researcher and Biologist at the Design Table, and she serves as the content editor. She has consulted and led workshops with corporate clients, done research on biological strategies, and helped develop educational materials to reach a growing community of people interested in biomimicry as a methodology for bringing positive change.

After receiving her MS in Wildlife Ecology from the University of Wisconsin, she headed west to work for state and federal wildlife agencies in Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. Her work on bird conservation won her the National Partners in Flight Leadership Award, and her work on environmental education won her a National NatureWatch Award.

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