Partnership Opportunities

A key part of our strategy to expand Conservation magazine is to share it. Currently we have a variety of partnership opportunities for like-minded organizations and businesses:

I. Founding Partners
Conservation magazine’s founding partners are the bedrock of the operation. Each has invested $150k to the magazine, and together they form a consortium of the most influential private and public organizations dedicated to promoting the science behind effective conservation. We are seeking a total of 15 founding partners.

Current Partners:

  • Society for Conservation Biology
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • World Wildlife Fund
  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Conservation International
  • Institute for Ocean Conservation Science at Stonybrook University
  • U.S. National Park Service
  • University of Washington
  • Disney Animal Programs
  • U.S. Geological Service
  • Marine Mammal Commission

II.  Sustaining Partners
Sustaining partners help with continuing support—Each provides $15k per year to support the development of conservation science stories; each receives 1,000 free subscriptions to give to donors, policy makers, or staff of their choice; and each organization commits to co-marketing opportunities (such as strategic web site links) with Conservation magazine.

III. Associate Partners
Associate partnerships are built around selling bulk subscriptions to like-minded organizations as a membership or donor benefit. These partnerships can be customized to meet an individual organization’s needs.

In one form, we offer associate partners 1-3 year bulk subscriptions to Conservation at a deep discounts ($8-$10/yr per member—the base annual subscription is $30). Issues can be branded for a particular organization with a cover sticker or a cover wrap—or fully customized with a newsletter insert that enables an organization to solve their publishing/membership benefits needs in an all-in-one, cost-effective way.

In another form, associate partners can offer a more modest Conservation subscription discount ($15-$24) directly to their members. We will provide marketing materials to include in new member recruiting campaigns and renewal packages.

IV. Marketing / Retail Partnerships
Retail partnerships will draw on co-marketing opportunities with businesses that target a similar or overlapping audience to Conservation magazine —such as text book publishers, software providers, or outdoor product retailers. Revenues will be shared between the magazine and partner organizations.

For more information on partnership opportunities, contact
Kathryn Kohm, Conservation Editor
[email protected]